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Tianjin Electric Research Institute Limited (formerly Tianjin electric drive research design institute) is directly under the former National Machinery Industry Ministry, is a China National Machinery Industry Corporation owned science and technology enterprises, mainly engaged in electric drive automation system engineering, small hydroelectric power equipment, low voltage electrical distribution equipment and new energy research and development, production of electronic equipment manufacturing and testing and certification. Since its establishment in August 1954, has won more than 150 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards, made thousands of scientific and technological

  • Scientific research strength
  • History

2012, complete corporate restructuring in the new governance structure, based on the integration of resources, overall development, change the mode of transformation and upgrading, the formation of industry of science and technology, science and technology research and development and technical services business sector, in order to achieve "service excellence, strong R & D and Industry to highlight the advantages of development orientation of" first-class scientific research application the mechanism, and customer innovation growth, sharing together". In the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the field of electrical control system engineering as the foundation, and vigorously promote the new energy and energy equipment industry, the positive development of related mechanical and electrical equipment products trade and technical services, system solutions to provide closed-loop service oriented, to create superior value for customers.

  • Science and technology industry

    With a complete set of engineering contracting and technical capabilities and rich experience, for heavy equipment, energy and power, intelligent electrical, energy saving and environmental protection and marine engineering and other related industries to provide a full range of solutions. Solution with heavy equipment, energy and power, intelligent equipment, energy saving and environmental protection and marine vessels and equipment manufacturing industry in the field of high-end electric control system, focus on the field of electrical control system integration, digital factory, smart factories intelligent equipment systems, can provide all-round, multi-level solutions for customers.

  • Technology research and development

    With the aid of the National Engineering Research Center of electric drive, the Key Laboratory of national energy and small hydropower equipment, Tianjin power distribution automation engineering technology research center, is committed to the research and development of the industry application technology. The ability of independent research and development of core technologies with new energy and energy-saving equipment and other emerging industries, market demand-oriented, play their own development advantages, the development of photovoltaic inverter, inverter, distribution and other high-end series of "specialization." high-tech products, and the formation of

  • Science and Technology Service

    The relevant national / industry authority, association, association and other organizations as the basis, to the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for electric power distribution equipment and machinery industry in small hydroelectric power plants quality inspection center, the national science and technology business incubator platform, service industry technological progress.

  • 2014 Years
    In July 2014, in order to adapt to the business development, industrialization and provide solutions to the transformation and upgrading, first-class scientific research institutions "application achievement service excellence, strong R & D strength, industry advantage", the company changed its name to Tianjin Electric Research Institute Limited, referred to as the Tianjin Electric Institute (TIANJIN RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF ELECTRIC SCIENCE English CO. LTD., abbreviation TRIED).。
  • 2012 Years
    August 2012, located in Tianjin Binhai New Area in the future of science and Technology City, new energy equipment testing and related electrical products industry, construction projects started to start the implementation of new energy and energy saving and environmental protection. According to the China National Machinery Industry Corporation approved, approved by the Tianjin Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce in September 28, 2012, complete corporate restructuring, change of registration for the research and design of Tianjin electric transmission company limited, referred to as the days pass (English TIANJIN DESIGN & RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF ELECTRIC DRIVE CO., LTD.; TRIED). In December 2012, the company's two annual shareholders' meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors were held in accordance with the law, the formation of a new governance structure.
  • 2011 Years
    March 2011, by the State Ministry of science and technology, the State Council, the State Council and the National Federation of trade unions as an innovative enterprise".
  • 1999 Years
    In July 1999, according to the State Council member national 242 research institutes by the institution to the spirit of enterprise, in January 2000 to enter the China machinery and equipment (Group) Corporation (now China National Machinery Industry Corporation).

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