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Tianjin electric Scientific Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Headquarters address: Tianjin City, East River Tong Road, No. 174

Headquarters Tel: +86-22-84376168

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Detection base address: Dongli Tianjin Development Zone No. 6 letter

Detection base phone: 022-84376027 022-84376026

Detection base Fax: 022-84376023 022-84376027

Industrial base address: Tianjin Binhai hi tech Development Zone Innovation Avenue No. 354

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"Electric drive" editorial department: 84376191

National Engineering Research Center of electric drive: 84376118

National electric power distribution equipment quality supervision and inspection center: 84376026

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Tianjin Tian Chuan Electric Co., Ltd.: 84376118

System engineering company: 84376170

System engineering two company: 84376162

Tianjin Tian Chuan Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.: 84372600

Technical Developing Company: 84376128

Tianjin City, handsome Super Science and Technology Park: 84376198

Tianjin Tian Chuan electric control Distribution Co., Ltd.: 84376222

Transmission equipment company: 84372890

Key Laboratory of Small and Medium - sized Hydropower Equipment in the Energy Industry: 84376111

Tianjin Power Distribution Automation Engineering Technology Research Center: 84376222

China Electrical Equipment Industry Association of Electrical Control Equipment Branch: 84376222

China Electrical Equipment Industry Association branch of hydropower equipment: 84376071

China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association Inverter Branch: 84376196

Electrotechnical Society of China Electrotechnical Society of Systems and Devices Professional Committee: 84376196

Professional Committee of Electrical Automation, Chinese Society of Automation, 84376196

National low - voltage switch equipment and control equipment Standardization Technical Committee: 84376225

National Frequency Standardization Technical Committee: 84376196

Standardization Technical Committee of the National Standardization Committee of control equipment: 84376106

Standardization Technical Committee for Small Hydropower Stations in the Energy Sector: 84376106

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