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Corporate Culture

  • Combined with the group "the core concept of value, innovation, green, responsibility, happiness in the machine", the core concept of corporate culture system construction in line with the company's development strategy, the core value of "innovation growth, force sharing" concept of the majority of employees become the common value orientation, advocate "decent work, happy life" for the company. The realization of the strategic goals create a good cultural atmosphere. Creation of a rich connotation of the brand, brand extension and application, explore and enhance the core value of the brand, brand to promote the development of enterprises, the formation of brand management relationship and improve the core competitiveness of the company, a good image of the brand culture, enhance the brand's cultural influence, create more excess value. Improve the brand management system, build brand management platform.

  • From the spiritual culture, material culture, system culture and behavior culture four aspects to build a positive corporate culture, penetrate into the multidimensional levels of enterprise management, enhancing communication, improve team consciousness, practice social responsibility, strengthen supervision and warning, the role model of pioneer model, the construction of enterprise culture into the heart of the staff explicit to employees for. Rich enterprise culture carrier, expand the enterprise culture, make full use of OA, "the day report" and company website platform, organize cultural activities actively, promote advanced models, promote the business the right way, advocate "decent work, happy life, increase the enterprise culture communication affinity, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force. Make the brand construction goal and strategy in line with the company's actual, strengthen brand management and resource integration, coordinated functions and business departments to form a brand building, brand management system, system development, maintenance and management, relying on core technology, core products and core service advantages, gradually promote the development of the company brand, and actively promote the company's brand upgrade.

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