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Testing Center

National electric power distribution equipment quality supervision and Inspection Center

Founded in 1985

Is a National Laboratory for electronic control distribution equipment inspection, acceptance, product certification and product quality inspection, product development and test.

  • Features and advantages

    One of the first hundred national laboratories in china;

    High and low voltage frequency conversion equipment inspection qualification;

    National certification and Supervision Committee approved the national low-voltage power distribution products mandatory (3C) certification testing agencies;

    2MW medium voltage frequency conversion laboratory, to be able to implement the full test of medium voltage frequency conversion.

    500kW PV inverter testing platform, has the "golden sun" certification.

    And Schneider, ABB and other well-known international companies to maintain good cooperation

    With the Intertek group, T (Intertek) V Rhine, T V, BV UL, Ferdinand and other well-known international certification institutions to establish strategic cooperation.

  • Detection range

    Electric control and transmission type: high and low voltage frequency conversion device, motor starting device, rectifier inverter device, power supply system, controller, no contact switch, motor, control cabinet, etc..

    Low-voltage electrical appliances: low voltage switchgear and control equipment, busbar, distribution box, junction box etc..

    Power system: box type transformer substation, high voltage switch cabinet, active / passive power filter, high and low voltage reactive power compensation devices, transformers, high and low voltage reactor, high voltage capacitors, etc..

    Auxiliary components: circuit breakers, contactors, isolating switch, dual power switch, soft starter, terminals, connectors, insulators, bus bars, line slot, bridge, copper row, shell etc..

    New energy sources: photovoltaic inverter, photovoltaic junction box, wind power inverter, small and medium hydropower equipment, hydraulic turbine governor, excitation device, etc..

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