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60 years ago today, August 19, 1954, Tianjin Electric Research Institute Limited, referred to as the Tianjin Electric Institute (formerly Tianjin Electric Transmission Design Institute, referred to as the days pass) in time to forge ahead in the Republic of the first five year plan of the fiery. After 60 years of practice, 60 years of efforts, the Tianjin Electric Institute dedicated to electrical drive automation, low voltage electric power distribution device, medium and small hydropower equipment and new energy electrical equipment research and development, manufacturing and testing and certification, together engaged, Zhuo excellent team, the formation of industry of science and technology, science and technology research and development, science and technology the core business services, including more than 150 provincial and ministerial level achieved in the trend, grasp the trend of strategic transformation, innovation driven, uphold innovation growth, the core value of force sharing concept, has leading technology and innovative services to create value, mission, strategy implementation is committed to providing the industry of electric control system of superior solutions scheme of vision ", on the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Tianjin Electric Institute released the 2014-2016 development plan, a clear development orientation, Business positioning, refining the strategic objectives, the implementation of the "1331" key strategy, from the electrical drive automation system engineering to electrical control system solutions, open a new era of innovation and development.

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