Innovation and Service

Technical Research and Development

Research and development platform

  • National Engineering Research Center of electric drive

    The key technology is facing major national technology and equipment, large-scale projects in electric drive and automation equipment, the latest research results using the technology in the field of intelligent electrical, through close cooperation of relevant scientific research institutes and colleges and participate in the operation, the implementation of engineering research and development and industrialization, promote technological progress of national electric drive and the automation industry.

  • Key Laboratory of national energy medium and small hydropower equipment

    Engaged in research and development, testing, testing and certification of medium and small hydropower equipment, serving different needs of customers. Mainly consists of the following laboratories: hydraulic machinery laboratory, hydraulic turbine generator test chamber, hydraulic turbine control system test room, excitation system test room, monitoring and protection test room.

  • Tianjin Distribution Automation Technology Engineering Center

    Research in intelligent bus type motor controller, intelligent low voltage switchgear, full digital low voltage filter compensation device, 24kV box type substation, new energy-saving busbar and other products, with capacity of industrialization.

  • Post-Doctoral Research Center

    To attract a wide range of postdoctoral stint engaged in the research and development of photovoltaic inverter, new energy and other areas, enhance the technical strength and advanced theory of key projects, promoting technological progress in related fields, transportation of high-end talent for the industry.

Research and test ability

R & D results

In 60 years, the company has won more than 150 provincial and ministerial awards of science and technology in electric drive automation, small hydroelectric power and low voltage electric power distribution and other industries, has made thousands of scientific and technological achievements, hundreds of national patents, the national core journals, scientific papers published thousands of papers, have made outstanding contributions to technological progress and development for the industry the. Emphasis on basic technology research and development, more committed to the development of application technology, and related enterprises at home and abroad, research institutes and colleges and universities to maintain good strategic cooperation.

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